We do much more than provide standard management consultancy services. Our model is based on a desire to get involved and become an integral part of customer businesses for the period of time we are engaged. We are prepared to share risks and challenges as we want to make a lasting difference to our customer organisations.


Successful outcomes are always important to us, and as such we are willing to structure our fees based on those imperatives, providing we are mandated to influence those outcomes. If we are given “teeth”, we will use them wisely and collaboratively. We are here to understand the challenges and opportunities facing our customers’ businesses and then to provide you with the insight and solutions to meet them.

The practicalities

As company directors, one of the Directors will take responsibility for each assignment personally. However, several clients have acknowledged the benefit of all of the team working collaboratively.

When additional resources or expertise is required, Partner Directors or Associates will become involved by mutual agreement.