We are specialists at stakeholder engagement

We specialise in stakeholder engagement and customer relationships. We will participate at Board meetings and other selected governance business processes to win confidence and negotiate well.

Integritas Prima combines Board-level experience in both the private and public sector outsourcing environments. Whether your organisation is large or small we are able to help. Our combined experience over the past decade covers a range of areas from FM to Secure Logistics, with a particular focus on both Central and Local Government markets in the UK and overseas.

Why extra help is so beneficial at these important meetings

Presentation is crucial in a Board or stakeholders meeting. You need to be able to communicate clearly within the time given. This takes the right preparation and knowledge of how such meetings work.

Stakeholders also want to trust you not just what you say. Having a bit of extra help at this stage can be crucial to winning the approval and confidence you need. This will help in gaining the right outcome for you or in turning thing around where customers or stakeholders have lost confidence. The influence of these moments on your business or organisation will be highly significant.